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Mike Sexton, Host


Michael Sexton was born in Phillipsburg, NJ and now resides in Memphis, TN. It was here, in Memphis, that Mike made his radio debut for CBS990 AM (KWAM). Dynamic, articulate, perceptive, and tempered are all words never used to describe Mike's highly opinionated personality or his over-the-top sense of humor


"I'm a Yellow-Belt Karate Master! That makes me the star of the show! My name's in the song and on the artwork, so stop trying to big time me!" - Mike Sexton




Sam "Dutch" Sinclaire, Chief Sound Engineer


Samuel "Dutch" Sinclair hails from Redondo Beach, California and relocated to Memphis, TN in 2015. Dutch spent three years as a program manager for AM 590 (KTIE) in San Bernadino, CA. Dutch is also a total computer geek. Married to a computer geek. Raising two future computer geeks.


"You should hear half the shit that doesn't make the final cut of the show. My God. - Dutch Sinclaire




"Detroit" Keith, Producer


Keith was born in Detroit, MI before eventually sauntering his way down to Memphis, TN. An avid sports fanatic and movie trivia buff, Keith also works for NASCAR's Martin-McClure racing and is probably Taylor Swift's #1 hater.


"Anyone want to discuss Nascar? No? Giraffes? No? How about bicycles? Really? Ok. I'll just sit here quietly behind the glass." - Detroit Keith






Sarah Sullivan, Assistant Producer


Sarah was born in Dallas, Texas and moved with her family to Little Rock, Arkansas when she was 7. A graduate of Mississippi State University with a BA in Communications and a Masters in Mario Kart, Sarah now resides in Southaven, Mississippi.


"Hey guys, it's me Sarah! What up, what up, what up... What? I can't say that? Oh. Sorry." - Sarah Sullivan





Elise Gartright, Digital Media Manager


Elise Gartright hails from a quaint little town called Nashville, TN. She's a digital marketing ninja. Social media wizard. She will maximize your ROI, minimize your CPL, and superglue your stickiness. All opinions are Elise's and not necessarily shared by reasonable-minded people nor her benevolent corporate overlords.


"I’ve learned I don’t know anything.  I also learned that people will pay for what I know.  Life is good." - Elise Gartright



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