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"What If I Told You..." is a comedy podcast designed to be interesting, fun and entertaining. The show features a group of friends (The Pod Squad) who rotate as guests depending on who Mike likes more at the time of recording. Do these rad dudes (and dudettes) sometimes go off the rail? Sure. Can they be a bit ridiculous? Absolutely. Do they always agree with each other? Yeah, right. But who wants to listen to a boring NPR podcast when you can hear real friends chat about movies, music, television, sports and all things pop culture with zero disregard for what they say to one another because words can't break their bond? Still intrigued? Cool! Enjoy the show...





007 The Stevie Rellish Show


Stevie Rellish and his pals Little Robbie StuStettner and flutist Josiah Davis and his Family Liquor Store Band are back on Service Electric Channel 23 with an all new show!





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