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Join Yap Trap Mike and his pals Detroit Keith and Sarah Sullivan as they spend each episode meandering through the world of movies, television, music and sports, offering their unique (and often misguided) opinions and jokes. Mike and company don’t rely on special guests to zest up the proceedings (unless you count their terrible celebrity impersonations). Rather, they get by on the sheer magnitude of their highly evolved intellect and Mike's super delightful charm.





Pound Cake & Hennessy 5/18/19




 The "Common Sense Avengers" (we have a pack of 27 ravenous Jewish lawyers working on the trademark so don't steal our shit) are back to discuss the news! Such as: AOC's fear of sink monsters, A South Carolina family who found 40G worth of meth in a Lego box, the new Star Wars trilogy, plus Sarah tells how she barfed at the dentist office! Haha, she's dumb! 





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